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22nd-Sep-2009 09:49 am - Help!
How do you display icons with the numbers beside them? Do you just upload and number them or...? Help please?!
14th-Sep-2009 04:13 am - Ficcage! PJO! Finally!

I've written something. After SOOOOOLONG!


Reviews are loved and will be rewarded with cookies, chocolate and love! <33

... he is a Severus Snape/Luke Castellan/Albus Dubledore/John Watson/Fitzwilliam Darcy/Jesse Fitzgerald clone.


Unlike schools in America, in Dubai, we don't change classes every period - instead the teachers do. This follows the logic that, if let out of the class teachers are less likely to bunk class than students. This means that every student uses the same desk for almost the entire year.

At this point I should mention that I'm famous throughout the school for having the desk filled with the most quotes and random doodles. A pen in your hand and a droning Geometry teacher can work wonders for your creativty skills, as I have observed.

Last week, our class room was shifted to the first floor, which meant that I now share my desk with a nameless faceless, Science student [our school teaches both boys and girls in shifts: morning for girls and afternoon for boys, meaning we use the same classrooms, only at different times] I wrote down D H Lawrence's Sumbergence along with a detailed illustration.

"When along the pavement,
Palpitating flames of life,
People flicker around me,
I forget my bereavement,
The gap in the great constellation,
The place where a star once used to be."

'Tis one of my favourite poems ever. And today morning I discovered that that smart-ass Science student had scribbled his own creation RIGHT ON TOP of where I had written the poem:

"When you disturb me,
By writing crap like this,
I get very bloody pissed,
You are so jobless,
You brainless dick."


Though I have to admit, I was surprised he, being a Science student and all, could actually make it rhyme. (I have no respect for Science students with big egos and snotty noses that they are forever turning down on the Arts students.)

Unfortunately for him, he'd forgotten his computer notes in the table, and I have them with me right now, so if he wants to get them back he's probably going to have to appease the great entity that is me.


I feel soooooooooo sorry for him.


If you think I'm being a little too bitchy, I'm not. I'm honestly the last person to walk around with vendetta, but honestly it irks me to no end when people act like dunderheads. I mean, it's mytablesoIwillwritewhatevertheheckIwantyoudumbhead.

I also scribbled RACHE in bold letters on the table. The fool will probably think that's my name and run around searching for me but....

RACHE is German for revenge, you moron.


8th-Sep-2009 01:43 am - The suck-y thing we call life
fast time

Now that school's started my life has become absolutely hectic -- well, this is partially my fault since I was supposed to all the projects in summer. And now, I have homework plus school work plus essays plus summer projects to turn in and a Interschool Quiz to practise for.

Fanny and I had a long conversation in the bus - mostly about how suck-y life has become and how we have no time to breathe and sit back and enjoy life and how our Hindi teacher is soBLOODYpartial and stuff like that. To tell you the truth, I wasn't really paying attention, because I was off wandering in some dreamland of my own.

Fanny mistook that for depression and said, "Don't worry, we're all in the same boat."

To which I replied, "No, we're all in the same SINKING boat and only some of us know how to swim."


I am not, in general, violent, but he honestly, deserves a tight slap on his face that will leave an angry red mark forever so he learns to be grateful.


23rd-Aug-2009 03:27 am - Writer's Block: Decision Time
When you need to make a difficult decision, what kind of resources do you consult for guidance?
I talk to Me -- which is the imaginary person in my head. In other words, I talk to myself. Because, it's good to be independent, right?

If only I'd learnt to discern the difference between independence and loneliness.

In the dark of my room,
I lie in bed
Listening to their yells and screams
Wondering why they wed

In the dark of my room
I see a small light
And that's how I know
That they're fighting again tonight

In the dark of my room
They'd tucked me in bed
Kissed me on both cheeks
'We love you,' they'd said.

In the dark of my room,
I'm wondering in bed
Whether things would've been better
If they loved each other instead

In the dark of my room
I cry long and hard
And all of a sudden, I want to escape
And fly to the stars

In the dark of my room
I'm crying in bed
Wondering why their perfect smiles from so long ago
I just can't picture in my head.


I don't write poetry. At least, not now. I used to, when I was six, but I got over that phase a long time ago.

I don't know where this came from. Swear. Because my family isn't like that at all.

Maybe, it's the result of me playing the piano at one 'o' clock in the night.


Also, goes to show that I'm incapable of writing anything but angst.


20th-Aug-2009 05:04 am - One of the worst summers ever

Thanks for the welcome back! It was very unexpected, but nice to know you guys missed me.

Ten reasons I've had one of the worst summers ever: (In no particular order)
1. I haven't written a word all summer. And the prospect of writing in the future seems equally unpromising.
2. I didn't get much shopping done - thanks to the swine flu scare. This is the first time EVER, that I didn't shop in India, because usually, I end up bring back around 30 kilos of books, clothes and other random stuff from the market.
3. We just found out that my grand-uncle, who has two daughters from his first marriage, divorced at 87 to marry a simpering, nylon-bra wearing, dim-witted Dolores Umbridge clone.
4. And the same grand-uncle is persuading my forty-one year old uncle (who is bald, fat, unemployed and barely literate) to get married.
5. My mother is using me as her stress reliever - having barked out half-a-dozen of my countless faults to the world makes her feel de-stressed, apparently. 
6. I lost my USB, which had:
-4 chapters of LaL
-I chapter of LitD
-AND 14 other random fanfic drafts
along with ALL my illegally downloaded music and photoshop-banner.
7. I haven't finished my holiday homework either.
8. I haven't yet decided a career - which I was supposed to do in the summer, since I have to submit the form, regarding the same,  to my school in less than two months.
9. I haven't had pizza in two months ... and a pizza-deprived me is ... not a pretty picture.
10. School starts in one week and I haven't done ANYTHING with my summer.

17th-Aug-2009 08:18 am - It's been soooooo long!
But I swear I will post more often now.

22nd-Apr-2009 06:38 am - Back again
fast time
My computer stopped working for a week, and school's getting back to it's old routine again. Mrs. Thorn amused us with tales of her childhood in class today. My Maths teacher is a bloody jerk. I hate HER SO VERY MUCH. She treats us like kindergarteners, I mean HELLO?! I'm in the tenth grade, you'd think we could walk to the library by ourselves, but nooooo. We need to walk in a poifect collinear line.

Dumb idiot.

Cut for a reasonCollapse )

Life is nuts. I have a Chemistry test tomorrow. And three gigantic essays to do, plus a extra credit project. Damn life. 

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